Repeat One Song plugin for Rhythmbox

So that is it, since I left Songbird and almost began to use its Linux supported branch NightIngale, I ended up returning to Rhythmbox. But there was something missing in it, the “Repeat One Song” feature. Sometimes you just got some nice song and want to listen to it thousands of times but had to use some workarounds such as filter by song’s name resulting this one the only in the list, or creating a playlist with just one song, etc.

To solve this, I coded the Repeat One Song plugin for Rhythmbox. Yesterday (literally) I barely knew how to code in Python and how to code an Rhythmbox plugin, but today it is done.

Installation requires only to copy the “repeat-one-song” folder and paste it in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ — If “plugins” directory does not exist, just create it.

Autoresize for Pidgin

This plugin is much more an usability than a necessary feature (ok, that is fussy) but it will automatically update the buddy list height to fit its contents vertically.

Guifications for Pidgin

Guifications plugin gives to Pidgin the “toaster” popup capability that aims to alert you in a wide variety of events such as some buddy connected, disconnected, sent you a message, changed state, etc. You may want to change the default theme if so there is two that I suggest, this one and this one.