Ant Compile With rJava library

This is pretty simple but for the sake of “I-will-not-forget-it-anymore” I will write it here. I copied some files of a Java project to a new machine. When I tried to execute it in the new place, “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .classa file”. Recompiling everything should make it work. Since my code requires rJava it is necessary to inform this to the ant (I’m using ant by the way).  The command which made my day is:

ant clean compile -lib ~/R/i486-pc-linux-gnu-library/2.9/rJava/jri/JRI.jar

2.9: be aware about the version you’ve installed, if you’ve compiled the packages in a version < 2.10, you will need to reinstall ’em. In my case I did reinstall nlme, mgcv, spatstat, and igraph.

LaTeX Error: LaTeX2e command

When using one of the Lecture Notes stye for an article I faced the following error with LaTeX: ! LaTeX Error: LaTeX2e command \usepackage in LaTeX 2.09 document.

To solve that I changed the \documentclass{llncs} command to \documentstyle{llncs}.

For more informations why check out here.

That’s all.