Installing Latex Packages in Linux

Install LaTeX packages in Linux is quite simple. Lemme say we want to install the package called booktabs. So you have to:

  • Download the .zip
  • Extract its content somewhere (for example ~/booktabs)
  • Enter in /booktabs directory, and generate the .sty file trough the command latex booktabs.ins
  • Copy the just generated file booktabs.sty to /usr/share/texmf-tetex/tex/latex/booktabs (if you are using tetex), or to /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/booktabs (if you are using texlive). Probably you have to create the “booktabs” directory.
  • It is necessary to “tell” to LaTeX that you just installed a new package, just enter this command sudo mktexlsr in the console.
  • In your .tex file, just add \usepackage{booktabs}

and voilà.

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