Compiz Instead Metacity When Starting Gnome

Suddenly Metacity was being loaded in lieu of Compiz when starting Gnome. I tried restart compiz with:

compiz --replace

but it did not work and Metacity kept itself up and running.

What worked for me was open gconf-editor (Alt+F2 > “gconf-editor” > Enter) and navigate trough “desktop > gnome > session > required_components and set windowmanager key as “compiz”. The next time you start Gnome, Compiz will be loaded.

Use widgets in a hidden layer (Compiz+Screenlet)

Shortcuts (user friendly) can be determinant to use or not some available services on a given system. Mainly when you are in a hurry. A good manner to enhance the usage of the desktop is using widget to frequent tasks, such as calculator, notebooks, performance management and so. Screentlet provide this issue to Gnome (with compiz). However, put many widgets on the desktop can also reduce your work space. So a good alternative is use a hidden Widget Layer provided by CompizConfig Manager, with a shortcut to show/hide, such as Macintosh Dashboard widget (if I’m not mistaken). It can be installed with apt-get tools:

sudo apt-get install screenlets compizconfig-settings-manager

After install you should activate the Widget Layer in CompizConfigManager (System/Preferences). The default shortcut to show/hide it is F9. After it create your widgets and set it as widget (Right click on widget/Windows/Widget) to move it to Widget Layer.

Follow some previews:

See ya