Wifi Disconnects and it is Unable to Reconnect, “device not ready” on Debian and Ubuntu

On both Ubuntu and Debian I’ve faced a problem with the Wifi that would get disconnected and would not be able to reconnect. On some circumstances, even brand-new Debian Jessie, Network Manager 0.9.8 would show a “device not ready” message instead of a list of wireless networks.

On both Debian Jessie and Ubuntu 10.04 I’ve solved that by removing and reloading modules, though different modules were targeted.

Ubuntu 10.04 (and it will probably work for newer versions):

sudo rmmod iwlagn
sudo rmmod iwlcore
sudo modprobe iwlcore
sudo modprobe iwlagn

Debian Jessie

rmmod iwlmvm
rmmod iwlwifi
modprobe iwlmvm
modprobe iwlwifi lln_disable=1 swcrypto=1

4 Responses to Wifi Disconnects and it is Unable to Reconnect, “device not ready” on Debian and Ubuntu

  1. David says:

    Not sure what exactly to do, other than google, I have been using linux for years but am still a noob. This doesnt fix my problem, I saw your fix and being so recent I thought maybe it would help for my new Debian Jessie install. The only thing I can think of is to wait for a kernel update and hopefully this will go away unless it is an issue with XFCE, I swear this was not an issue when I had a Jessie Gnome/Cinnamon install.

  2. Eduardo says:

    I’ve seen also strange network-manager crashes but restarting it with ‘/etc/init.d/network-manager start’ does the job. I am using MATE 1.8. Unfortunately I do not have knowledge on XFCE, since it looks like a specific issue as you stated. If you have any follow-up on this issue, please come back and feel free to post it here. Good luck.

  3. David says:

    service network-manager restart …. seems to work for me

  4. Eduardo says:

    Nice nice, as I’ve suspected. Cheers!

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