Sync Liferea and Google Reader

Recently Liferea`Blog realeased a new version that allows RSS synchronization with Google Reader.

Why this is useful?

This is nice if you work in more than one computer, to share your RSS and sync your read feeds.

Why use both? Liferea and Google Reader?

Some time ago I posted about Liferea, when I was moving from web to client applications (Gmail/Thunderbird, GoogleReader/Liferea, Twitter-Facebook-GoogleBuzz/Gwibber). One thing that motivated me to use client applications was the replacement of Ubuntu` notification area by mini-indicator, which comprises all this tools. Then, instead of having to access these sites several times (e-mail, RSS, social network) I’ve been using notification area.

Backing up feed list

Open Liferea and goes in ‘Subscriptions/Export feed list’.

Installing/Updating Liferea

Since current available Liferea version in apt-get repositories is 1.6.4, which does not have Google Reader synchronization feature, you can build current Liferea stable version (1.6.6) from source, as follows (I needed to install additional libraries for Ubuntu 11.04):

user@host:~$ wget
user@host:~$ tar -xzf liferea-1.6.6b.tar.gz
user@host:~$ cd liferea-1.6.6b
user@host:~$ sudo apt-get install libxslt1-dev libwebkit-dev libglade2-dev

# For Ubuntu 10.04 I had to install the following dependencies (if this is not your case skip next line):
user@host:~$ sudo apt-get install intltool libsqlite3-dev libgconf2-dev

user@host:~$ ./configure
user@host:~$ make
user@host:~$ sudo make install

See ya!

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