Installing Lexmark Printer 2600 Series on Linux

In this tutorial I will show how to install the Lexmark printers 2600 series. In my case I have one printer model x2695 and it is up and running on Ubuntu 9.04, even the scan feature. Looks like there is a lack of information about Lexmark drivers, even in the OpenPrinting project the 2690 series is tagged as “Paperweight”.

First download the driver here, or in this backup link. Extract it and, on the terminal, type


Now you will be guided by screens to …

… the error that happened in the last screen, “The installer package is not supported by your system. Installer will exit.”. In order to know where this message came from, and to try to understand what happened I needed to check the source of the installer. In order to do that I needed to go to the terminal and type:

./ --noexec --target lexmark

It created a folder called lexmark containing the source of the installer. There I found the run.lua file that was the source the message that was displayed in the error. As soon as I analysed the code in this script, I changed a piece of it:

vim /lexmark/config/run.lua

on the line 16 from

g_usetar = false


g_usetar = true

So, I needed to run the installer again but using the changed file:

cd lexmark

Now the instalation was finished succesfully, and I could even use XSane to scan documents. You can find here the output from the succesful installation because maybe it can gives you some insights if your installation was not fine. Now, in my printers configuration screen I have two 2600 printers, one created by the installer, and another created when the system found the printer right after the driver was installed:

Well, I had not even one printer working, now I have two :¬)

30 Responses to Installing Lexmark Printer 2600 Series on Linux

  1. royragsdale says:

    Thanks man worked great. Just what I was looking for. Saved me digging into the scripts.

  2. victor says:

    i cannot install my x2650 lex mark printer on my PC. how do i download with Ubuntu

  3. Thanks for the installation process.

  4. I’m having a problem, it stays ‘cups insecure-filter’

  5. Michael McNally says:

    I am getting ERROR… multiple or missing tar.gz file.

    Ubuntu 12.04

  6. Michael McNally says:

    I edit the run.lua file as described above. I then run The GUI lexmark installer begins, extracts several files, then displays: Using tar installation****Error Report****. A popup dialog box states failed to install, and the terminal output shows:
    go tar!
    tar fail #1
    ERROR… multiple or missing tar.gz file.

    I had been using this printer under Ubuntu 10.04 without this workaround for several years, and just recently upgraded.

  7. Andreina says:

    thanks for the installation. I have a problem, installed without errors but I can not print anything. appears as this here but I can not print. thanks

    • Eduardo says:

      That is weird, can’t you see any kind of error? The printer was added like shown here? Does it appear listed on the Printing (system-config-printer)?

      • Andreina says:

        I do not get any error or installation or when sending to print, and if the printer is listed as out here. not be important if I have kubuntu 12.04

  8. edsonmatos says:

    After installing the driver, do this:

    sudo modprobe usblp
    sudo chown -Rh root:root /usr/local/lexmark
    sudo chown -Rh root:root /usr/lib/cups
    /etc/init.d/cups restart

    gedit /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.cupsd


    # FIXME: no policy ATM for hplip and Brother drivers
    /usr/bin/hpijs Ux,
    /usr/Brother/** Ux,

    *****Copy and Past after this:

    /usr/local/lexmark/lxk08/bin/printdriver Ux,
    /usr/lib/cups/backend/lxkusb Ux,
    /usr/local/lexmark/lxk08/bin/lxkusb Ux,

    *****Save the file

    /etc/init.d/apparmor restart

    • Andreina says:

      Excuse for that good is that?

    • Eduardo says:

      And what is the point?

      • juan says:

        Hi Eduardo.
        Thank you very much for your fine post. I followed all steps and I have could to install the printer driver, but the system was giving me this error: «CUPS INSECURE FILTER».
        Then I did the EDSONMATOS’s solution 🙂 and my printer working right now!!
        Thank your very much edsonmatos… I love you 🙂

        Sorry, I am absolute beginners. (Elementary OS Luna).
        Good Linux everybody

        *The some steps they needed writing SUDO before the line.

        *Your solution is as super-root permissions.

        Thank you again everyone.

  9. Hans says:

    It said I had wrong cups version , it wants 1.2 and I have 1.4. In run.lua I edited bret = false to bret=true (line 1419 and 1414) so no matter what version of cups it will just continue. Worked great!

  10. Mario says:

    It didnt work for me. Jst showed the progress window but did not make any progress until i gave up. been trying for days now. please help. um running ubuntu 12.04 lts

    • Eduardo says:

      Question: Have you faced the first error mentioned in this post? And then you tried to change the line also mentioned here? Or do you tried right from the .tar indicated in the link?

  11. Scott says:

    Didn’t work for me either. Get an error message when set up the printer:
    “file /usr/local/lexmark/v2/bin not found”
    Running Debian Linux v

  12. Tony Kupiak says:

    Bloody genius. Spent 2 years without a working printer cause i got rid of WinBlowz n nobody knew how to maken it work past ubuntu 9. Now it works again. Mega Thanks. PS im using Ubuntu 14.04 with Mate desktop.

  13. Shane says:

    Hi. I got to the last step, ran the from the lexmark directory and it said: No installer for “x86” found, defaulting to x86… any suggestions?

    • Eduardo says:

      Considering how old this printer is, I guess that there was no 64 bits installer, then it falls back to the 32 one. The next commenter showed a error similar than yours, which makes me think that this is the source of the error.

  14. oe says:

    i downloaded the file but when i try to run it, it outputs
    Collecting info for this system…
    Operating system: linux
    CPU Arch: x86_64
    Warning: No installer for “x86_64” found, defaulting to x86…
    Error opening terminal: xterm.

    and thats it, it exits, any suggestions?

    • Eduardo says:

      Considering how old this printer is, I guess that there was no 64 bits installer, then it falls back to the 32 one. The “i386” part in the installer’s name shows that there may not be possible to install it on a 64 bit arch.

      However, the “error opening terminal: xterm”, you probably do not have a default terminal app set. Try to set one and rerun the installer.

  15. Kevin Banjo says:

    I also get the tar error, but I can’t find any “run.lua” anywhere

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