Repeat One Song plugin for Rhythmbox

So that is it, since I left Songbird and almost began to use its Linux supported branch NightIngale, I ended up returning to Rhythmbox. But there was something missing in it, the “Repeat One Song” feature. Sometimes you just got some nice song and want to listen to it thousands of times but had to use some workarounds such as filter by song’s name resulting this one the only in the list, or creating a playlist with just one song, etc.

To solve this, I coded the Repeat One Song plugin for Rhythmbox. Yesterday (literally) I barely knew how to code in Python and how to code an Rhythmbox plugin, but today it is done.

Installation requires only to copy the “repeat-one-song” folder and paste it in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ — If “plugins” directory does not exist, just create it.

9 Responses to Repeat One Song plugin for Rhythmbox

  1. narcislinux says:

    I have problem with it , when i use it rhuthmbox behang

  2. Monocian says:

    Thank you so much !!!! You save my life 😀
    God bless you 😀

    Aww I am so happy listening to my favourite song again and again thanks to your plug-in and your hard works u.u

    Thank you again… for billion timessss !!!


  3. chjie says:

    Thank you so much! This function is a must-have for my life. When ubuntu moves out banshee and puts rhythmbox back, I have no word except complaining why no ‘repeat-one-song’? Now you fills the gap.

    If do like a simpler app like rhythmbox. However if I can be a little bit greedy, I hope I can discover a plugin which displays a wave form below the progress bar, and allow me to mark begin and end points to repeat a section – just like the A-B repeat available on almost all mp3 player device. It’s great help because I’m learning French.

    • Eduardo says:

      You are welcome. Your idea for a repeat-a-to-b-part of a song is interesting. Indeed it is good for someone learning languages in which repetition is a important part. Cheers!

  4. Omkar says:

    Amazing. You hit the spot perfectly! 🙂

    Just a suggestion: for users struggling with the Rhythmbox plugins directory on newer distros (in my case, Ubuntu 12.04), the correct location is: ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins
    So you don’t have the disappointment of the plugin not turning up in the Rhythmbox list in all the excitement!

  5. Manuel says:

    Thank you, it works perfectly. I am running precidse pangolin 12.04 with Rhythmbox 2.96. I tried first copying your folder into ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins and it did not work (I had to create rhythmbox/plugins subdirectories). Then I moved the entire content ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins and I was able to see you pluging in the configure plugins list among the others. Awesome!

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