Multi-dimensional array in Java

Since Java does not have pointers I was thinking if it can hold multi-dimensional arrays. Multi-dimensional array is an array where each row is another array, which can have different sizes. In C you can create an array of pointers and allocates each one to an array of different sizes. The following are two examples to allocates a multi-dimensional array in Java:

// declaration statement
int tri[][] = { {1,2,3}, {4,5}, {1} };

// dinamically statement
int[][] tri;
tri = new int[10][];
for (int r=0; r<tri.length; r++) {
	tri[r] = new int[r+1];
// print the triangle matrice
for (int r=0; r<tri.length; r++) {
	for (int c=0; c<tri[r].length; c++) {
		System.out.print(" " + tri[r][c]);

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