Changes in the standard Matlab installation

I have to do two changes in the standard Matlab installation:

1. Add a launcher with “-desktop” argument in GNOME menu (which has not been created)

### /usr/share/applications/matlab.desktop ###
[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Matlab R2009a
Comment=Matlab R2009a: The Language of Technical Computing
Exec=sh /opt/matlab/bin/matlab -desktop

2. Change the matlab preference file permissions:

$ sudo chown -R bob /home/bob/.matlab/

See ya


2 Responses to Changes in the standard Matlab installation

  1. Tse says:

    Hello, I have some problems. So Please help me! Because I can`t install my Matlab R2008a in Ubuntu 9.10. Please sent me exact method to install Matlab. How can I intall it?

    • emanuelvianna says:

      Hi Tse, what error message you got when you run /MATLAB_DIR/bin/matlab? Did you activate it after install? I remember that I have problems in the toolbox choose step. I thought that the right panel contained the packages that will be installed (more common) but is the opposite. There was not much difference in the other steps.

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