Shutter: A snipping tool for Ubuntu

The standard PrintScreen key get the image of the entire Desktop. If you want just the active window, on Ubuntu, you can use Alt + PrintScreen. However, sometimes you may need only to snip only a specific part of the active window. The intuitive option is to take a PrintScreen and cut it on a image tool such GIMP. By the way, if you need to do it many times you can think on better alternatives, such as Shutter, a useful tool that can be configure to replace the standard PrintScreen key and handle this issue. You can install using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install shutter

The installation does NOT configure it as the default PrintScreen mechanism. To do it, open Shutter tool, click on Edit > Preferences, go to [Behavior] tab and mark [Capture] and [Capture with selection] options. After it, you may need to restart the GDM.

Check out some previews offered on Shutter Blog:

See ya

7 Responses to Shutter: A snipping tool for Ubuntu

  1. Eduardo says:

    The tool for capture the menu is awesome, it is nothing less than awesome. Great, Mano!

  2. Juan says:

    Thank You very much very Helpful

  3. Thanks buddy..Its a great tool!!

  4. Sudheera says:

    thanks I’m installing it right now

  5. Kalya Elisha says:

    Thank you for the shutter. A true snipping tool.

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