Page-crunch, the Linux Fineprint.

Since I’ve been using only Linux for some years I missed Fineprint a lot. It is a nice app and I’ve never found nothing similar for Linux, even with the raw psutils (that I’ve been struggling with for some weeks long) I could not have the things done the way I would like.

I was pleased with Page-crunch, a tk-based application that does a front-end to psutils with everything I wish to print pdf files maximizing the useful space. Check out the following screenshot, the interface displays the enough options for printing and visualization. With some tests, for sure, Page-crunch will provide you a nice print work. Voilà.

A page-crunch screenshot

10 Responses to Page-crunch, the Linux Fineprint.

  1. Emanuel says:

    I’ve tested here, works like a charm!

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  3. perramus says:

    Genial!!!! Hizo el trabajo de imprimir dos paginas en dos caras muy bien. Gracias!!!!!

    Great!!!! Two page-both sides printing job was done fast and without problems1!!
    Thanks a lot11!!

  4. casdeiro says:

    Lo he intentado usar simplemente para el tema de la colocación de las páginas para poder hacer un librito doblando hojas A4, pero tengo el problema de no conseguir poner márgentes adecuados para la encuadernación. Intento aplicación la opción “frame width” pero lo que hace es poner márgenes negros!! ¿Hay manera de que esos márgenes sean blancos?

    Is there a way to make frames white (or I should say ‘blank’) instead of black in the output pages? It’s very annoying and of little use if they only can be black!

    • Eduardo says:

      Have you tried to use the “booklet” function of your printer? I think that is the best for booklet format. I have never faced the black margin problem with Page-crunch though.

      • casdeiro says:

        Thanks for the quick answer, Eduardo. I didn’t know of such a printer function. Where is it supposed to be located? My printer is a HP Desket 843C. May it be a function only in more modern printers? :-/

        At first I thought that those black margins could be a bug of my PDF reader, but I’ve opened the output file with 2 different viewers and it’s black on both evince and okular.

      • Eduardo says:

        Looks like your printer has the book option, check out the manual at page 35:

      • casdeiro says:

        I’m afraid that option is of no use in this case, because I’m printing 2 pages per side. So, I need to array page 4-1 on one side and 2-3 on the other side. 8-5 / 6-7 and so on… That’s the thing that Page-crunch is doing OK but I got the problem of the margin size. I’ve also tried to solve it first adding extra margin with pdfcrop and then send to page-crunch but then page-crunch add extra margin on the left, I don’t know why. This software has a very strange behaviour for me 😦

      • Eduardo says:

        Hmm. I see. I think that you can try one of the possibilities from here, or installing Adobe Acrobat Reader, as someone there said “It has booklet format printing as well.”.

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